MacIsaac Brings Wealth of Experience with CRM and Internet Software Solutions for Fortune 1000 Clients

NEW YORK, February 7, 2001 - Internet software infrastructure company Droplet, Inc. today announced the appointment of Thomas MacIsaac as Vice President of Sales. He joins a growing management team of experienced executives from Fort Point Partners, Giga Information Group and IBM.

"Thomas will be the key driver in our efforts to pursue opportunities in the areas of enterprise-class applications and Internet solutions. He has a strong, consistent track record of selling software solutions and services to Fortune 1000 companies, who are key benefactors of Droplets technology." said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc.

MacIsaac comes to Droplet, Inc. from ONE, Inc. with an extensive background in providing solutions that deliver both operational efficiencies and forge deeper customer relationships. ONE is a national systems integration firm partnering with Pivotal, Siebel Systems, ATG, Silverstream, BEA Systems, iPlanet, Vignette, e.Piphany and Vitria Technology.

While at ONE, Inc. MacIsaac was responsible for clients such as Pfizer, ING Barrings, Goldman Sachs, Comedy Central, HarperCollins, and Multex.Com. "I see the Droplets platform as the evolutionary convergence of existing Win32 client server computing and new Web-based applications. This technology will enable businesses to leverage existing IT investments while at the same time provide them a vehicle to deliver next generation solutions to customers, employees and partners. Ultimately, this will change the way people view the Web."

MacIsaac joins a growing team of seasoned technology executives including development and process manager Johanna Voolich, formerly with Fort Point Partners, director of business development Christopher Fallon, formerly with Giga Information Group, and director of marketing communications William Power, formerly with IBM Corp.

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