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Droplet Inc. Launches Beta Release of Droplet 1.0 Platform

New York City, NY (August 15, 2000) - Droplet Inc., a rapidly growing technology firm based in New York City, today announced the successful soft launch of its revolutionary new platform for the serving of Internet content, Droplet 1.0.

The new Droplet Platform allows businesses to offer their customers access to new online services and to open rich, new branded channels of communication with their users that were previously not technologically possible.

Droplets are interactive Internet applications that users pull directly off of their browsers and onto their desktops. Once this has been accomplished, the Droplet acts as a dynamic Web application that can serve up content through its GUI independent of the browser whenever the user is online.

As a demonstration of Droplets as an entirely new paradigm for Internet communication, Droplet Inc. has included its Picture Share application as part of the Droplet 1.0 beta launch. This program allows users to create an electronic, password-protected album of favorite photographs that can be distributed among friends and family via email. Users can include captions, choose a customized "skin" for their album, and allow others to add their own photos to a pre-existing album. Additional Droplet applications will soon be available via Droplet Inc.'s Web site,

Droplet 1.0 runs under a client/server setup in which a centrally located Droplet Server interacts dynamically with client Droplet Engines located on the desktops of consumers. Droplet applications are built on top of this engine, allowing faster, more flexible, and more dynamic interactive content to be served to Web content consumers than is possible with a Web browser.

About Droplet Inc.

Droplet Inc. is a fast-growing technology firm based in New York City, dedicated to revolutionizing the delivery of Internet content. The Droplet platform provides enterprises with a rich, new channel to consumers - delivering new, previously impossible online services, building brand identity and providing users with an easier, more fun way to communicate over the Internet.


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