Droplets partners include some of the world's most dynamic and most respected companies. Big or small, it's our mission to work together with our corporate strategic partners to build, distribute and improve our solutions for the benefit of our growing list of customers.

To do so, we're constantly looking to join forces with leading consulting firms, system integrators, and resellers, along with software, platform, solution and service providers. As a partner, your company will benefit from our development and sales training, ongoing support and business development opportunities.

We're already working with some of the best. And our process for selecting, evaluating, training and promoting our selected partners is designed to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

If you provide software solutions to customers and want to learn more about creating a successful alliance with Droplets, please contact us.

Technology partners include:

Micro Focus
Micro Focus is a leading provider of legacy development and deployment software.

Their Leverage and Extend and Lift and Shift™ solutions enable customers, which include more than 70 of the 2004 Fortune "Global 100" companies, to continue to gain value from their legacy of investment in business applications.
The Micro Focus console/screen set (ADIS) application and the Droplets COBOL SDK development kit allow a Micro Focus - Droplets™ user interface enabling rich thin clients to be created from legacy applications.

Droplets is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

"By maintaining Java business logic on Oracle9i Application Server, Droplets customers can now quickly and efficiently extend and enhance the user experience for enterprise applications on both desktop workstations and wireless clients."
- Thomas Kurian, senior vice president, Oracle9i Application Server

Sun Microsystems
Droplets is a member of the SunTone program, and a Sun Microsystems strategic partner.

"Droplets has developed some very interesting middleware that supports a thin client model of the world at the user end along with the software on the server side to support enterprise applications with sophisticated GUIs. Basically, they enable one to write Internet-based applications with the high interactivity of normal desktop applications. I was impressed by their platform software and what it is capable of."
- Dr. Jim Mitchell, Sun Labs

Droplets is a member in 'good standing' of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program, a program for ISV, SIs and Consultants.

"We welcome Droplets' membership in our program and the deployment of their product on the HP platform."
- Peter Griffiths, Worldwide Director for DSPP

Consulting partners include:

MEC Technologies
MEC Technologies is licensed to provide Droplets solutions.

"Droplets gives you a framework, with Java capability server-side, to press a button and deploy an application to the client with a native UI. Droplets goes the last mile to providing a way of separating business logic from application logic, and improving the ease of deploying light applications to client devices."
- Somnath Banerjee, CEO, MEC Technologies

ITWorx is licensed to provide Droplets solutions.

"Droplets makes network-based applications a viable, legitimate alternative to high-powered desktop software. We believe this technology will bring tremendous value to our customers as they move beyond form-based Web pages and embrace real-time, interactive Internet applications."
- Youssri Helmy, CEO, ITWorx