Droplet, Inc. and Girlzilla, Inc. Committed to Standards for Wireless Application Development

NEW YORK, February 28, 2001 - Droplet, Inc. an Internet infrastructure company, and Girlzilla, Inc., a usability research and design firm, have entered into a partnership to create software development standards for front-office productivity applications that can be delivered wirelessly to devices including PDA's and digital phones for workers on the go.

"Droplets technology overcomes the challenges of incompatibility between devices, making it easier for companies to adopt wireless applications for workers in the very near future," said Tina Miletich, CEO of Girlzilla, Inc. "Our work with Droplets will help companies build user-centric, wireless applications that are designed for our growing mobile society."

As user demand forces changes in the way applications are built, purchased and used, Forrester predicts that by 2003, US companies will increase their commerce software application purchasing to $14.5billion and application rentals to $11.3billion.

Developing applications with the Droplets Software Developer Kit (SDK) eliminates the need for developers to "port" or customize code, ensuring compatibility with various device platforms. In addition, Droplets application code runs on the server (a "direct-connect" architecture) and therefore is automatically capable of running on devices like PDA's and digital phones.

Droplets applications are well suited for wireless connections because they perform quickly over thin bandwidth connections by eliminating the need to download application-specific code to the device and by utilizing one of the lightest communication protocols available.

"One of the insights that lead to Droplets in the first place was that online software still has a long way to go before becoming truly intuitive and easy to use, especially now that we're using all sorts of devices," said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc. "To have a usability firm with Girlzilla's reputation and caliber join us as a partner is particularly gratifying. We share a similar vision application design and development that begins with the end user in mind first, and results in practical solutions that can be implemented quickly."

About Droplet, Inc.
Droplet, Inc. is an Internet infrastructure company that gives software vendors, consulting firms and Web developers the ability to create the first true "direct-connect" applications that can be delivered as part of Web pages and dragged to the users' desktops.