Droplets is supported by a strategic advisory board of executives from Fortune 100 companies, management consulting firms, and venture capital firms.

Greg Blonder, Partner Morgenthaler Ventures (retired)

Paul Biddelman, President, Hanseatic Corporation

Elaine S. Gilde, President, Grove Street Capital LLC

Philip S. Brittan, Co-founder, Droplets, Inc.

Richard Stierwalt, Founder, President, and CEO of UBPSI

Thomas M. Woodard, Director, McKinsey & Company, Inc.(retired)

Greg Blonder, retired General Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures. Prior to joining Morgenthaler in 2000 from AT&T Ventures, Greg led a number of research divisions at Bell Labs, including the Material Science, Optical Devices and Consumer Expectations Research Labs. He was also Chief Technical Advisor for the AT&T Corporation. Greg holds over sixty patents, in areas ranging from MEMs, PDA user interfaces, optical components, and Internet transaction services, and is a well-known writer and speaker. For more on Greg Blonder, visit

Paul Biddelman, President of Hanseatic Corporation. Private investment company with minority equity positions in early and later stage companies in the U.S. and Europe. Previously, Paul was a managing director in corporate finance at Drexel Burnham Lambert and a vice president at Oppenheimer & Co. and Lehman Brothers. Paul is a member of the boards of Higher One Holdings, Inc. , SystemOne Technologies, Inc., and Droplets Inc.

Elaine S. Gilde, President Grove Street Capital LLC. Elaine has extensive private equity experience, having held senior positions with Butler Capital Corporation, Merrill Lynch's Merchant Banking Group (NYSE: MER), and Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH). Elaine began her career as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co., Inc.

Philip S. Brittan, Co-founder of Droplets Inc., is a successful software entrepreneur who has delivered industry-leading software solutions to the world’s top investment and commercial banks and other corporations. Philip served as President and CEO of Droplets until June 2003. Prior to co-founding Droplets, Philip was the co-founder, President, and CEO, of Spheresoft, a financial technology-consulting firm, and as President & CEO of Astrogamma, Inc., a company that provided pricing and front office risk management functionality to interbank and corporate foreign exchange options traders.

Richard Stierwalt, is founder, President, and CEO of UBPSI, the second largest Administrator of Taft-Hartley Plans in the country. Dr. Stierwalt has been the CEO, President, Chairman of ATPA since completion of the acquisition of ATPA in 2007, and President and CEO of National Investment Managers, Inc. from 2004 to 2006. Before, he served as CEO of Orbitex Management, a globally focused financial services firm. Mr. Stierwalt was previously President of BISYS Investment Services (NASDAQ: BSYS), and Chairman and CEO of Concord Holding cooperation, a New York- based company he founded after a 12 year career in banking.

Thomas M. Woodard, retired Director, McKinsey & Co., Inc. Since 1974 Tom has held numerous assignments in the areas of strategic marketing and organizational effectiveness, and is a leader of the firm's global electronics, telecommunications, and e-commerce practice.


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