New Droplets User Interface Server 2.0 Brings Superior User Interface, Real-Time Data and Desktop Alerts to Server-Side Internet Applications

Helps businesses, software vendors and ASPs increase end user productivity, while lowering application deployment, maintenance and bandwidth costs

NEW YORK, June 4, 2001- Droplet, Inc. today announced its newest flagship offering, the Droplets User Interface Server 2.0, empowering software developers and application service providers to deploy Internet applications with the functionality and usability of local client applications, together with the deployment and upgrading advantages of server-based applications.

The newest release of the Droplets UI Server features a new capability to bring real time notifications directly to the system tray of a user's PC desktop. This feature, the Dripline, is now part of the Droplets architecture and can be built into any application by developers to signal new information such as a trade confirmation for a brokerage application, a new message for email, a new participant joining an online chat, or changes in product inventory for an online auction or procurement system. Even if the application is closed, the end user can use the alert icon to launch the application. One of the first customers to implement this feature is, a business-to-government portal servicing the law enforcement and correctional segments. The desktop alert feature will be in's online email service later this month.

"We're seeing more and more customer demand for solutions which are not only infrastructure-friendly and can be deployed quickly and painlessly, but also extend the immediacy and real-time nature of workstation applications from centralized servers" said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc. "UI Server 2.0 makes it possible to deliver fast, interactive Internet applications, as a subscription service or throughout an enterprise, but without all the usability compromises and high bandwidth usage of bloated Web page applications."

Droplets maintains all the administrative benefits of a server-side architecture and delivers a substantial performance advantage over Web-based applications through a highly-optimized protocol using as little as one-tenth the bandwidth as HTML or Applets. The Droplets User Event Protocol makes it possible to rapidly exchange data in real time over the network, even through wireless and remote dial-up connections, with minimal loss of performance.

Droplet, Inc.'s newest solutions provider partner, Lucid Technologies Group, has been licensed and trained to provide online applications with the Droplets User Interface Server 2.0 and Droplets Software Development Kit (SDK). "The outstanding functionality, and ease of integration across markets of Droplet's technology coupled with Lucid's creative use of new technologies and experience in systems integration provides many new options for our clients." said James A. Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of Lucid Technologies Group, a leading IT consulting and infrastructure development firm based in New York.

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Droplet, Inc. is an Internet software infrastructure company that gives consulting firms, software vendors and developers the ability to create "direct-connect" applications with the functionality of desktop software and the administrative benefits of server-side deployment. Droplets™