The right information technology systems have become as important in the boardroom as the server room. What makes sense for your technology also has to make sense for your business strategy, your users, and - every business's main concern - your bottom line.

Droplets works across your business to provide real value and savings for even mission-critical applications. CIOs and CFOs alike will see the cost benefits. Programmers can leverage existing skills instead of having to learn new ones. And users enjoy pervasive access, personalized functionality, and easy-to-use interfaces that maintain the same look and feel across their devices.

Reduce application maintenance and bandwidth costs

"Either the browser manufacturers will begin to support Web applications properly, or someone else will supply the tools."
        - Bruce Tognazzini and Jakob Nielsen
          Beyond the Browser, Interactive Week

Droplets is a patented software platform for building and deploying a variety of real-time applications and portlets across corporate networks and the Internet. Because Droplets run on your server, your users can access these applications from any connected device, anywhere. The Droplets platform not only incorporate Net-native benefits like no-client logic and support for Internet protocols, it also knows how to provide access from an airport kiosk, and when to initiate "enablement" for full, browser-free functionality. And all through a Universal User Interface that is as responsive and dynamic as desktop software, without the heavy footprint on each machine and daily desktop support issues. Distributing Droplets across your enterprise is as easy as sending links to your users.

Protect your business with an intrisically secure architecture
Enterprises today face a gathering threat of viruses and hacker Trojan Horses. These forms of malicious code take advantage of relatively insecure client-side environments and spread by being installed on desktop PCs. Droplets thin-client architecture keeps 100% of application code on the server where it is much easier to protect, monitor, and isolate in the case of an attack. Since Droplets never send any application code to the client PC, users can rest assured that there is no chance that a Droplets application can be the carrier of malicious code. Additionally, because Droplets applications are updated, fixed, and deployed on the server, you never need to compromise the lock-down of your desktops to publish upgrades or new applications to your users. On top of its intrinsically secure architecture, Droplets integrates with industry-standard encryption and user authentication technologies, ensuring that your Droplets-based applications are as secure as they possibly can be. No other leading rich client technology comes close. That's why the U. S. military has pronounced the Droplets framework as having "zero security vulnerabilities".

Leverage existing skill sets in your IT department
You do not have to learn any new skills to leverage Droplets. It is based entirely on open standards and languages, and relieves you of the tiresome, thankless aspects of network-based projects, allowing you to focus resources on the core features and functionality of your application. The Droplets platform leverages mature tools and components available to Java and C++ developers to integrate directly with back-end systems through native drivers, middleware API's, or Web Service interfaces.

"Technologies like smart clients, network-based services, and UI servers will redefine Internet application design. As users experience these emerging interactive capabilities, they'll snub simplistic HTML-based Web sites and apps, setting the stage for a new wave of innovation: the X Internet."
        - Forrester Research

Droplets-based applications are built using a single, standard language (currently Java or C++), allowing developers to leverage their existing skill set to create the next generation of Internet applications ‹with no special new skills required. The Droplets Software Development Kit makes developing online applications just as straightforward as writing local applications, and allows developers to quickly enable existing network applications to be deployed as Droplets.

Integrate your infrastructure through open standards
Droplets integrates seamlessly with industry standard technologies like Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and XML-based Web services. In addition, the Droplets Platform has been designed to interoperate with a wide variety of platforms, applications and standards, such as off-the-shelf development environments and debuggers, load-balancers, application servers and portal servers. Droplets includes support for essential standard technologies like SSL, challenge-response authentication, HTTP tunneling and SNMP, making it straightforward and fast to implement and maintain within your existing network.

"Droplets allows us to design context-sensitive, time sensitive interfaces that are more user friendly and not necessarily browser-dependent."
        - Ned Thompson, Fry Multimedia

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