Samsung SDI Brings Droplets To Factory Floor For Real Time Monitoring

Intranet Application To Be Deployed Throughout Global Manufacturing Sites in March

New York, NY, January 30, 2003 - Droplets, Inc., provider of rich thin client development and deployment software, announced that Samsung SDI, a leading manufacturer of television monitors and PC displays, is deploying an Intranet based shop floor monitoring and control system with the Droplets platform. With Droplets, Samsung SDI will be able to migrate its proprietary application to a central server model, while maintaining high functionality and sophistication.

“Droplets is enabling us to migrate our stand-alone PC application to the Internet without any of the security or functionality flaws of Web browser applications,” said Jin Hyung Lee, Samsung SDI Director of IT Strategy and Planning. “The high usability of the application, together with real-time alerts to factory and shop floor status will help us cut IT overhead costs while providing up-to-the-minute reporting back to headquarters on our manufacturing progress in China, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, Hungary, Korea and Brazil.”

Customers turn to the Droplets platform to solve the functionality and end-user productivity weaknesses highlighted in Forrester Research’s report, “Net-Native Apps Emerge” (March 2001). Leading companies such as Eastman Chemical Company, Cadence Design Systems, and Electronic Insurance Office, Inc. have turned to the Droplets User Interface Server & SDK to deploy rich graphical user interfaces with the exact look and feel of desktop software, while maintaining the Web’s server-side business logic architecture. The Droplets architecture also enables high speed, low bandwidth communications by exchanging on average 1/10th the amount of data versus Web/HTML-based alternatives.

“Enterprises with internally-developed applications are constantly faced with the challenge of migrating to the Net to gain efficiencies, while struggling with the complex technology layers and poor user interface capabilities of the Web,” said Philip Brittan, president and CEO of Droplets, Inc. “Samsung SDI is one of many Droplets customers who are deploying high functionality applications while enjoying the central server benefits of the Internet.”

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