Java Servlets Get a New Lease on Life with Droplets

User Interface Server Adds Servlet Container Class to Enable Rich GUI J2EE Applications

New York, NY, June 2, 2003 - Droplets, Inc., provider of rich thin client development and deployment software, announced that the Droplets platform now fully supports Java Servlets technology. This enhancement allows J2EE business logic in Servlets as well as Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) to be upgraded with real-time, win32-style graphical user interface front-ends, while requiring little or no change to an application’s existing business logic.

Droplets integrates seamlessly with the J2EE architecture as a technology for the View layer. Until recently, Servlets have been presented to end-users primarily through HTML-based Web interfaces, a once popular but now increasingly critiqued approach according to developers, enterprise users and technology analysts, due to their limited user interface capabilities and poor network efficiency. Using this latest enhancement to the Droplets platform, a customer recently replaced an HTML front-end to one of its mission critical applications with a rich, real-time Droplets user interface without having to change a single one of the hundreds of thousands of lines of pre-existing Servlet, utility class, and EJB code.

“Droplets makes it painless for companies to rejuvenate all the J2EE applications already in production with a far more economical and user-friendly interface,” said Philip Brittan, president and CEO of Droplets, Inc. “Droplets gives customers a way to put a rich, real-time user interface on their Java Servlet or EJB-based applications with minimal additional programming. Droplets’ support of J2EE overall is part of a larger mission to make Droplets the most effective solution to legacy applications rejuvenation.”

Droplets also announced today details on the upcoming release of Droplets 3.0, the latest incarnation of its User Interface ServerÔ and SDK. Droplets 3.0 will include full client-side support of Mac OS X, server-side support of HP-UX, and a future release will also include a COBOL API for legacy applications. Droplets currently supports Java and C++ APIs, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Sun Solaris server operating systems, Linux and Windows for desktop, as well as a variety of mobile device platforms. The Droplets UI Server is compatible with the leading J2EE application servers, such as IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE Application Server, and Oracle 9i AS.

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Java Servlets Get a New Lease on Life with Droplets 

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