According to usability research firm Nielsen Norman Group, "Billions of dollars are wasted every year in lost productivity as people wait for Web pages to perform duties that could have been handled better by a 1984 Macintosh-style graphical user interface application." The Droplets platform allows for highly functional, real-time applications that boost productivity across your enterprise.

Native presentation
The Droplets platform interacts intelligently with whatever devices your end users choose, and presents each user the appropriate, native UI for that device. A UNIX user interacts with a familiar interface and command library, as does a Mac user, Windows user, and so on. The cost benefit? Less time spent "learning" an application, and better integration into the user's daily workflow.

Component-based interface
Unlike the document look and feel of paged-based Web applications, the Droplets platform features components (buttons, drop downs, data fields, etc.) and windows that are manipulated and respond individually to user interaction. No more submitting and receiving entirely refreshed Web pages, or navigating browser-confined form fields.

Real-time data
The Droplets User Interface Server can initiate server-side messages and updates, and responds to individual user-driven requests in real time. By providing asynchronous updates, Droplets cuts out the waiting time and delays to move you from up-to-the minute, to up-to-the-second.

Actionable alerts
Individuals can be notified of specific events, such as the receipt of a message, a change in inventory status, or the posting of a new high bid, even when their application is closed. The Dripline™