The Droplets platform maximizes efficiencies in your network by optimizing bandwidth usage. This results not only in better, more productive performance for your end-users, it also provides significant savings among the many facets of your I.T. infrastructure.

Thin communications layer
The Droplets User Interface Server communicates via an optimized communication layer that runs over TCP/IP sockets. Using this laser-thin layer, the UI Server instructs the client as to the layout of applications at start-up, and transmits both server-side and user-initiated updates as required.

Responsive and bandwidth efficient
Droplets is far faster and takes on average 90% less bandwidth than Web-based applications. Performance is improved further because Droplets transmits only events and individual field updates, whereas HTML-based applications are forced to reload the entire page from start to finish for each user event.

Droplets communicate through a highly optimized TCP/IP communication layer to deliver a fast, responsive experience. Only net changes to the interface are exchanged to ensure immediate, real-time responsiveness, even over 26.6k dial up connections. On average, Droplets send one-tenth the amount of data as comparable Web-based solutions.

The table below compares bandwidth consumption over a 26.6k dialup connection for Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) to an email program deployed on the Droplets platform:

Bandwidth consumption in bytes: Droplets email vs. Outlook Web Access

Action OWA Droplets
Read message 101,672 13,580
Move message 371,081 24,991
Send message 200,631 24,991
Send with Attachment* 365,669 56,083
Delete message 128,758 13,497
View folder 78,985 14,899
Sort mail 87,389 10,813

*Tested using identical attachment for both applications

With radical bandwidth reduction comes a radical increase in application responsiveness, giving Droplets applications a speed that's close to local fat-client software even on thin-bandwidth devices. The table below compares application response times for Microsoft OWA to a Droplets email application over a 26.6k dialup connection:

Application performance: Droplets email vs. Outlook Web Access

Action OWA Droplets
First-time setup 62 seconds 13 seconds
Cached startup 17 seconds 11 seconds
Move mail 53 seconds 5 seconds
New message popup (1st time) 24 seconds 3 seconds
New message popup (cached) 7 seconds 3 seconds
Read mail 13 seconds 3 seconds
Read mail (cached) 7 seconds 2 seconds
Preview pane update 5 seconds 2 seconds

Benefits of Droplets optimized bandwidth include:

  • Thin communications layer handles server and client actions and updates

  • Ten times more efficient than traditional Web applications

  • Responsiveness approaching the level of desktop applications

To see Droplets applications in action, visit our Case Studies page.

To try out our product, download an evaluation copy of the Droplets UI Server and SDK at Download SDK.

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