According to IDC, maintaining application code on clients costs businesses half a trillion dollars, or $2,700 per desktop, per year. The Droplets platform's server-based architecture allows for superior control of application development, maintenance and access.

Lower deployment and management costs
Because of its streamlined and centralized architecture, Droplets can be upgraded in hours, not months. Users have access to the latest features, data and transactions the moment you deploy them to the server, without any client downloads, code streaming, or reloading. And unlike emerging "fat browser" technologies, Droplets can be thoroughly tested, debugged and profiled with mature, industry standard tools.

Intrinsically secure
Enterprises today face a gathering threat of viruses and hacker Trojan Horses. These forms of malicious code take advantage of relatively insecure client-side environments and spread by being installed on desktop PCs. Droplets thin-client architecture keeps 100% of application code on the server where it is much easier to protect, monitor, and isolate in the case of an attack. Since Droplets never send any application code to the client PC, users can rest assured that there is no chance that a Droplets application can be the carrier of malicious code. Additionally, because Droplets applications are updated, fixed, and deployed on the server, you never need to compromise the lock-down of your desktops to publish upgrades or new applications to your users. On top of its intrinsically secure architecture, Droplets integrates with industry-standard encryption and user authentication technologies, ensuring that your Droplets-based applications are as secure as they possibly can be. No other leading rich client technology comes close. That's why the U. S. military has pronounced the Droplets framework as having "zero security vulnerabilities".

Drag and drop icons
Droplets can be identified by branded icons (1-2k pointers) with essential information like the URL of the server, the port over which to communicate, and the name of the application to present. Users can grab these icons from an Intranet portal or public Web site, and drop them on their desktop or device for continued, frequent access. Also, you can email these icons anywhere - to your employees, customers or suppliers - and never worry about IT boundaries or incompatible systems. The icon simply points them back to your application on your server, and provides access based on your pre-set user profiles and authentication.

Benefits of Droplets server-based architecture include:

  • Upgrades in hours, not months

  • Military-grade security

  • Testing, debugging and profiling with mature, industry standard tools

  • The ability to drag-and-drop GUIs directly off Web pages onto devices and PCs

  • Increased security and virus resistance

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