Once you've finished the training course, you're ready to start writing Droplets on your own. Droplets is an application delivery platform that can be used to build just about any online application you can think of. To get you started, we've provided the following Droplet application ideas, each of which demonstrates one or more key advantages of Droplets over existing Web- and fat client-based platforms.

Please contact us once you've finished your first Droplet and tell us about your experience.

Help desk alerting
Desktop alerting tool that lets help desk operators know whenever a system is going down, advising them of what alternate systems are currently available for use.

Enterprise portal
An AOL-style desktop portal for use by your enterprise's work force, containing various critical enterprise applications (for example, Email, Procurement, Workflow and Accounting Interfaces, depending on the user's job description) which users can access from any connected machine‹provided they have proper credentials.

Collaborative calendar
A collaborative calendar that can be used by workgroups, families or friends to coordinate group events. The main window will be a monthly calendar, with sub-windows that show detailed weekly and daily calendars with notes on each event. Whenever one person adds an event to the calendar, a desktop alert is sent out to all other participants, and the event shows up in each person's calendar automatically. Can include an image component for personalizing each calendar with electronic photos and artwork.

Personal bank account manager
Personal desktop access to you bank account, which allows you to securely view your account information, transfer money between accounts, and make payments. The main window should include an account summary for all checking, savings and credit card accounts, as well as the status of any loans. Selecting one of the accounts pops up a sub-window with detailed account information. An additional button should bring up a sub-window that allows you to pay your bills online. Desktop alerts notify the end-user whenever a transaction deposits or withdraws money from your account‹as well as when your credit card payment is due or when a check bounces. Should include Kerberos authentication and SSL.

Workflow management
A template-based workflow application. Employees use the system as their primary task list. It enforces business rules and manages all multi-step/multi-role processes. Should provide different User Interfaces depending on the user's role (i.e. business process managers can define the flow of information using a workflow template), and alert users when a new task has been placed in their queue.

Inventory management
Inventory UI for thin-client terminals that allows retail workers to access the corporate product inventory from the floor. Includes the ability to look up specific items, find out what other branch stores have the item in stock, and order the item for the store.

Auction watcher
An asynchronous GUI that offers a real-time interface for popular Web auctions. The Auction Watcher can be dragged off of any Web page and deposited on the desktop. Auction Watcher tracks the auction, with a real-time auction timer and instantaneous updates for new high bids. When the application is closed, a desktop alert to the system tray warns the end-user when a new high bid has been placed.

Stock watcher
Online application that resides on the desktop - either as a dynamic system tray icon or as a desktop icon that can be opened and closed - and gives real-time stock market updates, including graphs that outline the movement of the markets over the week, month and year to date. Additional screens keep track of the current value and movement of specific stocks selected by the user, and allow the user to purchase a stock directly from the application GUI.

Web traffic monitor
Would work similar to FastStats and WebTrends, acting as a desktop GUI from which you can monitor your Web site's Web logs and reports on hits, referers and other critical pieces of information on your Web site's traffic. The tool should also be able to read the Droplets Server logs as well.


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