Droplets User Interface Server and SDK Earns Prestigious SunTone[sm] Certification

User Interface Server™ and SDK V2.2 Meet SunTone Program's Availability, Reliability and Performance Standards

NEW YORK, June 13, 2002 - Droplets, a leading provider of software infrastructure solutions for deploying highly interactive, real-time Internet applications, today announced that their User Interface Server™ and Software Development Kit (SDK) V2.2 have achieved certification under the SunTone[sm] Program for Applications. SunTone Certification represents a quality "seal of approval", and confirms that Droplets' User Interface Server™ and SDK V2.2 meets the availability, reliability and performance industry-based standards necessary for high-quality deployment of services over the Internet.

"Droplets is putting intelligence just inside the edge of the network to enable sophisticated GUIs for server-side applications," said Hal Stern, chief technology officer, iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "By achieving SunTone certification for the Droplets User Interface Server and SDK V2.2, Droplets has passed a rigorous review process to meet high standards for excellence in infrastructure, availability and uptime."

The Droplets platform enables superior user interface functionality and simplified deployment by enabling Java™ technology or C++ based applications to be administered from a central server, over thin bandwidth connections, and accessed from a desktop icon, wireless device or portal Web top. Droplets-based applications feature the usability and productivity advantages of local software, while maintaining all application code centrally, and using 1/10th the bandwidth of HTML-based applications.

"Receiving SunTone certification underscores our commitment to provide high quality solutions to our customers," said Philip Brittan, president and CEO of Droplets, Inc. "We have invested considerable resources in the security, availability and scalability of our application platform and are proud to be a member of the SunTone Certified community."

"User Interface Server and SDK V2.2 has been identified by the SunTone Program as a technology solution that meets stringent industry best practices and delivers high standards of service, application, platform and integration service quality," said Stans Kleijnen, vice president of Market Development and SunTone certification for applications at Sun Microsystems. "Droplets has not only proven that User Interface Server and SDK V2.2 meets quality standards today, but they are in touch with the latest industry best practices moving forward."

About the SunTone Program
Launched in May 1999, The SunTone Program is a collaborative effort with industry-wide support, led by Sun Microsystems, Inc., to promote 7-by-24 service and reliability as a norm for consumer and business Internet-based services. Under the SunTone Program, service providers, independent software vendors and integrators have endured a rigorous process which examines the infrastructure, operational practices, hardware, software, and overall service delivery to help ensure that the services or products they provide meet the program's high standards. Certification under the SunTone program is designed to give customers the confidence that every aspect of the operations and infrastructure has been evaluated and judged to be reliable and of high quality. The SunTone Program currently has more than 1500 applicants for certification, including service providers, independent software vendors, and integrators, and over 250 SunTone Certified solutions available to meet a variety of business needs.

About Droplets
Founded in May 2000 and headquartered in New York City, Droplets, Inc. provides an application platform and standards-based Java and C++ development tools for deploying highly interactive, real-time applications. The Droplets platform provides the full GUI capabilities of fat client software, directly from the desktop or through a Web browser, while maintaining all application code on your servers. Droplets provides significant bandwidth savings over Web-based applications, while increasing end-user productivity, customer intimacy and partner loyalty. Strategic partners include Borland, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sun Microsystems. Visit


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