New Portal Is Chatting Up Droplets First to Use Droplets-based Messenger Solution Developed by Grassroots Technologies

New York, August 28, 2001 - Droplets today announced that, a new online service provider, is the first to implement a new third-party Droplets application for its instant messenger service. Grassroots Technologies, a New York based Internet solutions provider and Droplets strategic alliance partner, developed an innovative instant messenger solution using the Droplets Software Development Kit and User Interface Server. The server-based messenger application will be offered to consumers and business users as Expernex ECHO.

" is a high value alternative to conventional dial-up access providers," said Thomas Jarrell, president of Future Vision Concepts, LLC, parent company of According to Jason Barnes, vice president and CTO, "We sought out to make Expernex as easy to access and as compatible as possible, and therefore needed a solution that is multi-platform compatible, small to download, and forward thinking. Unlike conventional desktop software, Droplets and Grassroots Technologies provided us with this solution."

Droplets is a platform designed for enterprises, software companies and service providers to extend highly functional, usable applications from the server without the constraints of HTML, DHTML, applets, servlets, streaming code, or other browser enhancements.

"Our objective was to build an instant messenger and chat solution that could be centrally controlled and distributed, and accessed from anywhere with minimal client software," said Stefan Winz, partner at Grassroots Technologies, Inc. "Instead of requiring users and IT departments to install and support client software upgrades, we can offer the user interface benefits of desktop software together with the maintenance benefits of server software. And, with Droplets, we were able to build the application without any network programming."

"We are thrilled to see our platform enable such a robust solution as Direct Messenger, and to see it power such a high-value service like," said Philip Brittan, president and CEO of Droplets. "By licensing our technology to OEM customers like Grassroots, we make the X Internet vision a reality today for a range of businesses such as"

About Expernex is a new Internet service providing unlimited 56k dial-up access for only $12.95 per month, multiple free email accounts and online features, over 2000 available access numbers nationwide, and Expernex ECHO online chat. Get automatic software upgrades to check email and chat from anywhere, anytime, without software downloads. is a service provided by Future Vision Concepts LLC (, founded by Thomas Jarrell and Jason Barnes in January 1999. For more information, visit

About Grassroots
Grassroots Technologies is a leading provider of information services consulting in the Internet and intranet space. Grassroots Technologies aims to bring their clients the best possible, most cost effective solutions, using best-of-breed technologies supplemented with technologies from credible open source initiatives. Visit for more information.

About Droplets
Droplet, Inc. ("Droplets") is a software platform company that enables software vendors, developers and consulting firms to create Internet-based applications with full desktop software functionality, while maintaining central server administration and control. Droplets feature a more intuitive, responsive user interface, and can be distributed and accessed through email, from a Web page or desktops. Enterprises license Droplets solutions, or write Droplets in Java and C++. For more information, visit


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