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Droplet, Inc. Launches New Email Device with Superior Performance, Functionality

Critical Path Supplies Messaging Infrastructure For Secure, Reliable and Scalable Email Offering

NEW YORK, September 26, 2000 - With the click of an icon, Droplet, Inc. has launched its new email service, which offers a faster, more convenient way for Internet users to access their email.

Unlike other popular Web-based email, users can gain access and control of this service by literally dragging it right off the site as a "droplet" and depositing it onto a PC desktop. Users access it independently or via a Web browser providing a hassle-free email experience. The service is available to consumers for free at and can be accessed from any computer. On-line businesses, software companies and ASP's can license the service to deploy on their Internet or Intranet sites.

Critical Path Inc. (, the leading global provider of Internet messaging infrastructure, is providing its InScribe Email Messaging service so that Droplet customers can have IMAP access to their email. The combination of Critical Path's secure, reliable and scalable email and Droplet's technology offers a complete end-to-end messaging solution for businesses and consumers.

"We decided to outsource our messaging needs to Critical Path because their world-class technology and blue chip client roster demonstrates their dominance in providing the messaging infrastructure for businesses and consumers," said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc. "Because of our combination of technologies, we can offer customers the most secure, reliable and fastest email experience available on the Internet today."

Droplets email is faster than traditional Web-based email and can be forwarded in its entirety to anyone with an Internet or Intranet connection. For consumers, the benefit of this email service is its immediate accessibility from the desktop. For businesses, Droplets email is an easy to implement solution for employees and customers, that has the added benefit of continuous brand presence and exposure on users' desktops.

About Droplet Inc. Founded by Philip Brittan and Frank Rose, Droplet, Inc. (, is an Internet application and content enabler. Functional web content can be Droplet-enabled to work both within and outside the browser, across any operating system and with Web connected devices. Droplet-powered applications provide the dynamic features of Internet-enabled content but deliver a faster, more flexible, software-like experience. Droplet, Inc. is based in New York City.


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