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Droplet Inc. Unveils Free Software Developer Kit to Produce Net-Based Applications Rapidly

NEW YORK, NY, October 31, 2000 -- Droplet Inc., the Internet technology infrastructure company, has set the stage for mass adoption of its Droplets applications by allowing developers and programmers to download its software developer kit (SDK) free of charge.

By providing application program interface documentation (API), a full suite of tutorials, as well as samples, source code, and technical support, the SDK is the building block for the production of powerful Web applications. The Droplet Inc. technology provides and supports the framework for developers to create and deploy these true "Net-native" applications.

"Currently, developers and businesses are searching for a solution that enhances user experience online. Droplets bring together the universal accessibility of the Web and the rich user experience and immediacy that we are all used to with desktop software," said Philip Brittan, president and CEO of Droplet Inc. "Droplets bridge the gap between these two worlds we live in today."

Droplets applications can be delivered as part of a Web page, dragged by the end user out of the browser and dropped onto the PC desktop, where they continue to be accessed like local software.

In addition, Droplets feature an intuitive user experience with ten times the responsiveness of standard Web technologies. Droplets require low bandwidth and also feature high security and massive scalability.

About the Droplets Software Developer Kit:

The Droplets SDK provides an object-oriented GUI toolkit for developing applications. The SDK completely hides the complexities of network communication from the application developer. Thus, writing a Droplets application is like writing an application with any other GUI toolkit, even though the user interface of the application runs on a remote machine. In addition, rather than forcing the developer to learn a new GUI library from scratch, Droplets models many of its concepts, most notably its approach to component layout, after Java AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) and Swing. These are well-designed class libraries that are familiar to many of today's software developers. Droplet Inc. pays attention to the design and flexibility of its software and employs well-known, object-oriented design patterns. Therefore, developers familiar with the object-oriented paradigm can expect a logical, understandable, flexible class library to help them attain maximum productivity in a short period of time.

The Droplets SDK can be downloaded at Developers can get answers to questions and provide feedback via

About Droplet, Inc.

Droplet Inc. ( ) is an Internet software infrastructure company that enables developers and software vendors the ability to create the first true "Net-native" applications that can be delivered as part of Web pages and dragged to the users' desktops

The company licenses its unique patent-pending technology for businesses to create and deploy Droplets, and it licenses various ready-made Droplets applications and solutions to businesses. Droplets benefit marketers and businesses by providing them with an open, direct channel to consumers by providing a branded icon to the application on the PC desktop.

Founded by Philip Brittan and Frank Rose, Droplet Inc. is headquartered in New York City. Droplet Inc.'s investors include IBT Ventures and is supported by a world-class board of directors and angel investors


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