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Web Developers Are Creating Online Applications to Improve Business Services and Communications

NEW YORK, November 9, 2000 -- Droplet, Inc., the Internet technology infrastructure company, has entered into a partnership with Iguana Studios to provide them with the Droplet Software Developer Kit (SDK) to rapidly create online applications for business. These applications have broad uses that include the streamlining of business activities, such as inventory status for sales forces, or banner ads that allow for ordering and delivery updates.

Droplet, Inc. provides partners with two days of training in the use of the SDK. Further, Droplet, Inc. helps ascertain the types of applications needed as well as assist in presenting the application ideas to the developers' clients. Partners will also be referenced on the Droplet, Inc. site. Once a partner implements a Droplets application for a client, a one-year fee is paid. After the first year, the application is licensed based on usage and provides ongoing revenue.

Droplets combine the functionality and speed of locally installed software with the powerful properties of having Net connectivity, including constant connection to current data, and immediate ability to update application versions and features. By using Droplet, Inc.'s recently released SDK, partners are able to develop these "Net-local" applications.

"The fact that Droplets is of such immediate, real value to these partners, who are in the trenches with their clients everyday, is really exciting," said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc. "The SDK we are providing to developers and e-consulting businesses gives them the tools that can help differentiate themselves in this marketplace."

Iguana Studios, which builds customized content management solutions for its clients, will use Droplets to provide a front-end application to its in-house content management system, Burlap.

"Using Droplets will increase the delivery options for our clients' content, affording them even more flexibility, and a more pervasive way to build their online brands," said Iguana Studios' Chief Technology Officer Chris Piazza. "It is in this context that we recognize that Droplets, as an ASP application, could allow our clients to offer branded content to users directly from their desktops."

Recently, Delirium Corporation, a Digital Professional Services firm, became the first company to utilize the Droplets SDK.

About Droplet, Inc.
Droplet, Inc. ( is an Internet software infrastructure company that enables developers and software vendors the ability to create the first true "Net-local" applications that can be delivered as part of Web pages and dragged to the users' desktops.

The company licenses its unique patent-pending technology for businesses to create and deploy Droplets in C++ and Java, and it licenses various ready-made Droplets applications and solutions to businesses. Droplets benefit marketers and businesses by providing them with an open, direct channel to consumers by providing a branded icon to the application on the PC desktop.

Founded by Philip Brittan and Frank Rose, Droplet, Inc. is headquartered in New York City. Droplet, Inc.'s investors include IBT Ventures LLC. and is supported by a world-class board of directors and advisors.

About Iguana Studios
Iguana Studios is a premier interactive development and design firm recognized for its expertise in creating powerful interactive solutions. Located in Silicon Alley, Iguana offers interactive services with a user centered approach to provide the best interactive experience possible. This winning approach has resulted in such projects as Stan, the animated youth portal featuring "webisodes" from the legendary D.C. Comics creator Stan Lee and WebMD's e-commerce sports & fitness store (in partnership with The Sports Authority and Global Sports). Iguana's current clients include PRIMEDIA, Adobe Systems, the Hearst Corporation, Thin Air Apps, and Lehman Brothers Bank.


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