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Former Philips CEO Joins Droplet, Inc.'s Advisory Board

Minkhorst Brings Almost Three Decades of Worldwide Business Experience

NEW YORK, December 11, 2000 - Droplet, Inc., the Internet infrastructure company that provides leading-edge technology for the first true "direct-connect" applications, today announced the appointment of Robert Minkhorst, former president and CEO of Philips Consumer Electronics (NYSE: PHG), to its Board of Advisors. He joins well-known technology authorities including venture capitalist Greg Blonder of Morgenthaler Ventures.

The Droplet, Inc. technology introduces a way to deliver targeted services through a new category of online applications called Droplets. Droplets are online applications that use a unique "direct-connect" technology approach, allowing businesses to provide access, control, and an intuitive user interface to their applications and services directly to end users, unimpeded by browser, Java, HTML and client-based incompatibilities.

"We are pleased that our Advisory Board continues to grow with highly strategic and dedicated business and Internet leaders," said Philip Brittan, CEO of Droplet, Inc. "Robert and our other board members bring tremendous business strategy and technology insight that will establish Droplet, Inc. as the leader in our category."

The Droplets Mission
With Droplets, customers can literally "drag" a particular application right off a Web page and "drop" it onto a PC or device desktop. It is then accessed like local software, without a browser, by clicking on its own desktop icon. Businesses can maintain long-lasting, individual customer relationships by offering responsive, powerful services without the performance compromises of "page-centric" channels.

  • Droplets feature end-user benefits of local software, but reside completely on the network (a.k.a. "net-local").
  • Administrators and publishers can update functionality and content without a user having to request or download updates.
  • Droplets feature low bandwidth requirements, high security, massive scalability, and perform up to 10 times faster than HTML or Web alternatives.

The Strategic Advisory Board
From 1994 to November 2000, Minkhorst had served as president and CEO of Philips Consumer Electronics, a multi-billion dollar operation in North America. In his role as CEO, he spearheaded the marketing, sales and operations initiatives for consumer electronics product lines. Minkhorst's career at Philips spans more than 20 years. During his tenure, Minkhorst has held various executive positions in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

"As hardware and devices become increasingly commoditized, what will really be of increasing value are the accompanying services you get, for example, when you buy a product. Droplets technology accelerates application development for a whole new category of direct, ongoing services, which is key to dealing with consumers and business partners in the new economy," said Minkhorst. "I see a tremendous opportunity for Droplets technology and look forward to being closely involved as an advisor."

Minkhorst joins head of Droplet Inc.'s Advisory Board, scientist-turned-venture capitalist Greg Blonder, partner at Morgenthaler Ventures, and former entrepreneur in residence at AT&T Ventures. Blonder joined AT&T in 1982, studying superconductivity and the quantum phenomena of semiconductor materials. Much of his research has resulted in practical applications and he now holds over 70 patents in the areas of optical disk recording, integrated fiber optic devices, displays, toys, computer systems and improved user interfaces. Blonder is a director or advisor at a number of private companies, including LightChip, Digital5 and Princeton Lightwave.

"Droplets is a leader in the evolution of the way businesses will communicate and deliver services using the Internet," says Blonder. "My contribution to the board includes strategic and positioning advice to address the broad range of potential customer sets to which this holds tremendous appeal, and I look forward to impacting Droplets' growing business along with Robert and the rest of the team."

Droplet, Inc. Advisory Board members also include:
Carter Bales, co-founder of The Wicks Group of Companies, L.L.C. Bales was a director of McKinsey & Company, Inc. where he held senior level positions from 1976-1998, and today is a member of the McKinsey Advisory Council, the Board of Directors of Razorfish, Inc. (NASDAQ: RAZF) and Chairman of

Elaine S. Gilde, president, Grove Street Capital LLC. Gilde has extensive private equity experience, having held senior positions with Butler Capital Corporation, Merrill Lynch's Merchant Banking Group (NYSE: MER), and Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH). Gilde began her career as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Richard Stierwalt, CEO, Orbitex Management, Inc. Stierwalt is responsible for day-to-day operations of Orbitex, a globally focused financial services firm. Stierwalt was previously president of BISYS Investment Services (NASDAQ: BSYS), and chairman and CEO of Concord Holding cooperation, a New York-based company he founded after a 12-year career in banking.

Thomas M. Woodard, director, McKinsey & Company, Inc. Since 1974 Woodard has held numerous assignments in the areas of strategic marketing and organizational effectiveness, and is a leader of the firm's global electronics, telecommunications, and e-commerce practice. "I am very proud of our Board of Advisors and investors," said Brittan. "I'm particularly pleased that such a high-powered group of individuals is so fully committed to Droplets' success."

About Droplet, Inc.
Droplet, Inc. is an Internet infrastructure company that gives Web developers, e-consulting firms and software vendors the ability to create the first true "direct-connect" applications that can be delivered as part of Web pages and dragged to the users' desktops.

The company licenses its unique patent-pending technology for businesses to create and deploy Droplets in Java or C++, and it licenses various ready-made Droplets applications and solutions to businesses. Droplets benefit marketers and businesses by providing them with an open, direct channel to consumers through a branded icon to the application on the PC desktop. Founded by Philip Brittan and Frank Rose, Droplet, Inc. is headquartered in New York City. For more information go to


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